Meet the Team

Meet The Team at M4 Motoring

Ereika Beddoe – Operations Director

I have been involved with the day-today running of M 4 Motoring since the very beginning. Although I am not an instructor – I manage the office and coordinate all your bookings!

I love to spend time with my Husband, Children and Grandchildren. I am also a huge fan of the Rugby!

Gareth Denny ADI Franchise Director, Newport

I’ve been an Approved Driving Instructor since 2010, I spent the first 3 years working with a National Franchise.

Alongside Ross Beddoe we opened the doors of M 4 Motoring Driving School in October 2013. Our aim was to offer our Learners and Franchisee’s something new; a family feel where we can all work together in a fun environment and provide our students with the best possible start to their driving career.

My pupils describe me as “a little bit mad”. I love to take a new Nervous learner and see that smile when they pass the Driving Test. I’m a very relaxed person – but at the same time put a huge emphasis on Road Safety. I live in Newport, and also cover Newport & Caerleon for Driving Lessons

Ross beddoe ADI – Newport Franchise Director

I’ve been an Approved Driving Instructor since 2010, I spent the first 3 years working with a National Franchise.

Alongside Gareth Denny we opened the doors of M 4 Motoring Driving School in October 2013. Our aim was to offer our Learners and Franchisee’s something new; a family feel where we can all work together in a fun environment and provide our students with the best possible start to their driving career.

I’m friendly & approachable, and aim to deliver fun and educational lessons with an emphasis on safety.

I love to drive, play & watch rugby, enjoy social events and really love to spend time with my family.

I live in Newport, and also cover Newport & Caerleon for Driving Lessons

Luke Thompson ADI Newport – Commercial Director

Welcome to the Luke Show! This is what I entitle my Driving Lessons. My pupils all describe their lessons with me as something out of a comedy show!

Prior to becoming a Driving Instructor, I spent years in Business Management for Multi-National Companies. Along side this, I have been involved in the development of M 4 Motoring from day 1. In early 2016 I decided that it was time to train to become an instructor and join the team out on the road. I qualified (following expert training from Gareth 😊) in late 2016 and hit the roads straight away. I really enjoy the job, love building a relationship with my pupils and seeing them pass at the end!

I’m a lover of the finer things in life – and my little strap line is “Life is better with bubbles!”

Paul Baxter ADI – Training Manager, Newport

I have been an Approved Driving Instructor for 14 years – and absolutely love the job!

Originally I’m from Bristol, but relocated to Newport Several Years ago. I cover Newport & Chepstow for Driving Lessons

I like to have a laugh and inject my personality into my teaching – our lessons are fun, at the same time I like to push to get the best out of my students

I am an animal lover and volunteer for the RSPCA, I can’t spend enough time with my dogs. I like my holidays and travelling. I also enjoy watching (not playing!) sport!

Alex Thomas ADI Llantrissant, Cardiff

I was trained by the M4 Motoring family, and have joined to cover Pontyclun, Llantrisant and Cardiff. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a pupil progress every single lesson, and seeing the confidence in you as a driver grow.

My lessons are fun, structured and tailored to your individual ability. I am now an instructor full time, but until recently you may have found managing the Exhibition in everybody’s child-favorite place; Techniquest in Cardiff.

When I’m not working, I like to spend my free time fishing, playing golf and spending time with my wife & cats.

Dan Colsey Automatic & Manual Instructor, Newport

I’ve been a driving instructor since October 2016, and joined the M 4 Motoring family in November 2017. I have a relaxed approach to teaching and like to have fun during lessons while ensuring my pupils have confidence in their ability to drive.

Prior to becoming an instructor, I worked in the security industry for 14 years in different management roles across the country.
I teach in Newport in both Manual and Automatic

Andy Williams ADI, Newport Chepstow

I trained as a Driving Instructor in 2017. After meeting Gareth and other team members I had no doubt that M4 motoring was the company to pursue this very rewarding career.

I consider myself very friendly and approachable. I love meeting new people and listening to their life experiences (like a good gossip). I live in Chepstow and cover areas from Newport to Chepstow.

Previously I was a Bus and Ambulance driver – I enjoy being out and about on the road. I love spending my free time with my partner, family and my buddies, which usually involves meals out, and going on plenty of sunny holidays.

James Correra PDI Cardiff, Llantrissant, Bridgend

I live just outside Cardiff (in a little village that no one has ever heard of) and cover Cardiff, the Vale & Bridgend for Driving Lessons. Although I live in Cardiff, I was born on Brecon and moved around a lot until the end of my school days as my dad was in the Military.

I’m a fan of Gaming, Socialising & a huge Rugby fan. I love tinkering with cars, anything mechanical and trying to engineer my own masterpieces (nothing has made me rich…yet!)

I became a driving instructor relatively young (23) because I love to pass on the skills that I have to others and would like to think I can play a little part in making the roads safer. I have a very practical approach to teaching, I think when learning a practical skill – being out there and doing it is where you learn – so I like to pop you straight in the deep end!

Ady Mayers ADI – Pontypool, Cwmbran, Newport Manual and Automatic LessonsI

‘ve been an Approved Driving Instructor for 4 years. I spent 2 years with a National Driving School before joining the family at M 4 Motoring. I live in Pontypool and cover both Pontypool & Cwmbran for Driving Lessons.

I love teaching & the look on the face of someone who has just passed the Driving Test – there is no better job satisfaction!

I’ve a great personality and really try to make our lessons fun as well as educational. When I’m not teaching – I’m usually found in the gym!

Brian Pewsey ADI Ebbs Vale, Tredegar, Newport

I have been an Approved Driving Instructor for 6 years. I also spent the previous year teaching as a trainee. I am extremely patient and easy going. Over my 41 years Driving Experience I have held licenses for Car, Motorbike, and HGV – so have a wealth of experience and am able to look at situations from the Point of View of most road users.

To relax, I enjoy fishing and getting lost in the Brecon Beacons on my Motorbike.

I’m originally from the West-country (yes…… I have the accent!), but relocated to South Wales many years ago. I live in Ebbw Vale, but cover Ebbw Vale, Tredegar, Blackwood, Risca & Newport for Driving Lessons.

Rachael Netherway, ADI – Newport

I wanted to put my age here – but thought better of it!

I qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor in 2013. I spent a year with a National School and then made the (best ever) decision to join the family at M 4 Motoring. I love passing on my experience to the Young-uns and not-so-young-uns, the satisfaction after a successful test is unreal!

Prior to qualifying as an ADI, I spent 20 years in the Haulage Industry as a HGV Class 1 Driver (the big-boys!) and Trainer! So really I’ve been teaching for a long-long time.

I cover most areas of Newport and some of Cardiff for Driving Lessons.

I’m a self-taught saxophonist & I’m trying to learn to ride a unicycle (Gareth always asks me what the next ‘weird fad’ will be!).

I’m a keen runner – I like to run the odd half marathon here and there…. Sometimes I even take along my Springer Spaniels, Badger and Dexter, they absolutely love it – and I like to be a little different!

Phil (Pip) Miles, Magor, Cadicot, Chepstow

My name is Phil, but most people call me Pip. I’m originally from Derbyshire, but relocated to South Wales many years ago
I cover Rogiet, Caldicot, Magor & Chepstow for Driving Lessons covering Newport Test Centre.
I used to work at the University of West England and love meeting new people. My lessons are tailored to your needs and you will very quickly be feeling relaxed and confident.
My free time is usually spent with my wife, Lynne and our two crazy French Bulldogs. We often bolt off to our Caravan for a little getaway most weekends. We also like to take advantage of booking as many holidays as possible!

Ian Harper ADI Swansea

I’ve been a driving instructor for a fair few years now, since 2004! I love the daily challenges and the various people from all walks of life that I meet on a daily basis. I am sarcastic, tell jokes really badly and very much enjoy laughing. Most of all, “If it isn’t fun, don’t do it” is my mantra.

I’m originally from Cardiff but have lived in Swansea for several years. I cover central Swansea for Driving Lessons.

I’m a Rugby nut – watching and playing! I’m also a National Geographic nerd. I like all types of music (except jazz – even Country and Western is better than that!)

Gerwyn Pickett ADI – Newport

I’ve been an Approved Driving Instructor since 2009. I do my utmost to ensure our lessons are always fun but at the same time educational. I cover all areas of Newport.

Originally I’m from Merthyr Tydfil – and have a very calming (so I’m told) soft welsh accent.

In my spare time, I like to play with guns (not on our lessons….. that would be dangerous!), enjoy the odd drink and watching the Rugby. I spend a lot of time with my dog, Bella, and of course, my lovely wife, Cath.

Victoria Macintosh ADI – Newport, Abergavenny, Usk

I have been an Approved Driving Instructor for 6 years – covering Monmouthshire. I love the challenges that this job brings and revel in my pupils success!

If someone were to describe me in two words, they would be “Pug” and “Mad”. To be honest, I love all animals and will talk about them at every opportunity! It’s a shame I can’t teach dogs to drive too!

Jason Hook ADI Newport Gloucester Intensive Course Specialist

I’ve been an instructor for 6 years – and specialise in teaching Intensive Courses. I’m from the Gloucestershire area and have recently set up home in Newport with my Fiancée.

During my spare time I love fishing, and can regularly be found in a tent next to a pond with a rod pointing at the water!


Paul Willetts, Cwmbran, Abergavenny, Monmouth, Newport

My Pupils tell me that I’m one of the most laid back, calm and beyond patient person they’ve ever met.
I make my lesson fun and easy-going, but never skimp on quality! I’m a total petrol head – which lead to one of my learners telling me I’m suited to a presenting role on Top Gear with my knowledge and humour! My car is always full of laughter – I make sure there is never a dull moment!
I’m rugby mad – as are my entire family!
I joined M 4 Motoring from a National Driving School and I offer Driving Lessons in: Newport, Cwmbran, Pontypool and Monmouthshire

Gine Gizzi ADI – Newport, Cwmbran

I love yellow cars! I love Golf! I love having a good laugh with my pupils and keeping smiles on faces! I will work with you to achieve your goals, but that may mean sometimes I have to give you a little push. Did I mention I love Golf?
I qualified as a driving instructor following 2 years of retirement and haven’t looked back since! I joined M 4 Motoring following spending some time with a National School.
Passing on my knowledge is something I love (almost as much as golf). I am based in Newport and cover Newport & Cwmbran for Driving lessons!

Nikki Fawkes Newport

I’m a fun loving individual! Have taken to teaching people to drive following 23 years working the Care Sector, specialising in children with learning difficulties.
I’m originally from Wiltshire (Sorry about that, at rugby time!) and moved to Newport very recently with my partner Paul, who is also an Instructor with M 4 Motoring Driving School.
I like to make my lessons interactive. I am based in Newport, and cover Newport for Driving Lessons.

Paul White Newport & Chepstow

As Nikki has said (although I am from Newport originally) we moved back here very recently. Likewise, I’ve spent the majority of my Career in the care sector working with teenagers.

Love to spend time in the Virtual Reality, saving the world! During my time off, I can usually be found babysitting my grandchildren (or baby-sitting Nikki)

I offer Driving Lessons in Newport

Kevin Lane ADI Newport

I have been a car enthusiast for many years. I began teaching people to drive because I wanted to pass on my knowledge of Driving and Road Safety to others.

I love the colour green – I guarantee there will always be some green on me somewhere!

I am based in Newport, and following spending some time at a National Driving School, joined the family at M 4 Motoring. I cover Newport & Risca for Driving Lessons.

Phil Heaven – East Valleys & Newport

I’ve been teaching people to drive since 2010! I joined the Family at M 4 Motoring in late 2018 to cover Abertillery (Where I live) and down the Valley finishing in Newport (where I’m from originally).

When I’m not teaching, I love to watch Welsh Rugby and spend lots of time in the company of my family.

Julie Lavelle – Automatic Lessons – Newport

I’ve been teaching with M 4 Motoring Driving School since early 2019 and specialise in Automatic Tuition. I like to have lots of fun on our lessons, at the same time making sure I get the Job Done.

When I’m not teaching, I can usually be found socialising, or nagging my poor Husband

I am based in Newport, I cover this and the surrounding area’s for Automatic Driving Lessons

Helena Ali – Automatic Lessons in Newport

I’ve been working with M 4 Motoring Driving School since Early 2019 and specialise in Automatic Tuition.

My lessons are full of character….

When I’m not teaching, I am usually concentrating on my other job – where I am a Make Up Artist! Life is very busy!

I live in Newport, and cover this area for Automatic Driving Lessons

Josh Fawkes newport and Abergavenny

I joined the M 4 Motoring Family in 2019 and really like to inject some fun into our time in the car. Originally from Wiltshire, we relocated to South Wales a little while ago.

When I’m not teaching, I am usually dealing with my Reptiles (there may have been a Duck or 2 introduced to our family recently too!), or busy being Dad to my little princess!

I am based in Newport and cover both Newport and Abergavenny for Driving Lessons

Nigel Coles Barry & The Vale

Having spent most of my adult life (that’s quite a long time, by the way 😊) in retail, I decided to Train to become a Driving Instructor and take things easy (yeah……right!), and this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I am based in Barry, and cover Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend and South Cardiff for Manual Driving Lessons.

Rebecca Virgo – Newport

Wife to Pete, mother to a couple of fantastic kiddie-winkles and Driving Instructor in Newport. I’ve been on the road with M 4 Motoring since late 2018 and really wish I’d hit this career path earlier in life. Meeting so many different people, from different backgrounds and cultures every day means that no 2 days are ever the same.

I am based in Newport, I cover this and the nearby surrounding area’s for Manual Driving Lessons.