Under 17 Driving Experience

Under 17 Driving LogoThis is an ideal opportunity to build confidence prior to taking Driving Lessons

We’re now offering Under 17’s the chance to learn basic driving skills in a safe, controlled environment on a series of private roads & circuits – under the guidance of one of our experienced, Fully Qualified Driving Instructors.

Your Session

Participants will be given a briefing on safety and car control. Following this, they will navigate a circuit under the instruction of our Fully Qualified Driving Instructors looking at:Young person in car

  • Moving off and Stopping
  • Gear Changing
  • Accelerating & Braking
  • Steering & Taking Corners
  • Reversing

Under 17 Drivers must be over 1.5 meters tall, and able to read a new-style car number plate from 20.5 Metres.